Exploration & development of mineral assets in Nigeria
Exploration & development of mineral assets in Nigeria

Welcome to Equatorial Mining & Exploration 

A brief history

Equatorial Mining & Exploration Plc was established in 2012 to pursue the exploration and development of industrial mineral assets aimed at power generation and economic development in Nigeria.  The initial projects in are aimed at the exploitation of the huge overlooked reserves of coal, oil shale and bitumen, all three being suitable to fulfill Nigeria's dire need for domestic fuel, power generation, cement and steel manufacturing and road building.

 We also have our sights set on other solid minerals which play their role in driving Nigeria's industrial revolution, such as limestone, gypsum and specialist metals.

Equatorial Mining & Exploration is a publicly quoted company whose shares are quoted on London's ISDX growth exchange.  Incorporated 18 January 2011, Company number 07496976.

Building partnerships and a future in Nigeria

Equatorial Mining & Exploration aims to become a key player in the industrialisation of Nigeria. Coal played a prominent part in the Nigerian economy prior to the discovery and mass production of ‘black gold’ and the development of the petroleum industry from 1965. The devastating Biafran civil war (1967-70) resulted in the coal assets of Nigeria being neglected and underutilised, which has resulted in excellent scope to develop the industry in order to fulfil the energy needs of this rapidly expanding country.

Afikpo coal

The team overlooking one of the exploration licences - open accessible countryside.


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Nicholas Nelson being greeted by a local Chief at the Afuze tenement in Nigeria


Equatorial Mining & Exploration Plc is a publicly quoted company with its shares trading on the NEX Growth Market in London
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NEX Exchange (until recently called ISDX) is a London based stock exchange providing UK and international companies with access to European capital through a range of fully listed and growth markets.